Most attorneys require hundreds of dollars an hour to perform the necessary tasks and filings for a bankruptcy case. My flat fees make it easy to understand and plan for costs.

Fees include court filing costs, debtor education and credit counseling courses, and credit check fees.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy -

Individual: $1400 flat fee

Joint: $1900 flat fee

I also offer "al la carte" services for those wishing to reduce costs.

Document preparation: $700 Individual; $1200 Joint

Document preparation with ongoing support: $1000 Individual; $1600 Joint

Contact me for further services and pricing options

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Individual: $ 3500 flat fee

Joint: $4800 flat fee

These fees include all filing fees, credit reports, and required credit counseling courses. Should matters involve complications and court appearances, I charge an hourly fee of $250.

"Al la carte" services available upon request.

Tax Matters (average cost)

Installment Agreement: $750

Offer In Compromise: $2,500

First-time Penalty Abatement: $1,000

IRS Audit: $2,000-$5000

Appeals: $4000

US Tax Court case Litigation: $8,000

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